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Wow! Look at all the posts!

I had all but forgotten this community! All the posting this morning inspired me to post my own update.

Starting May 2010 I went on a major health kick. I was morbidly obese at 145.45 Kilo (320 lbs.) As of May, I think I had actually lost 20 lbs through diet alone, and when I graduated I really took off over the summer. I did the Couch to 5k program and ran my first race by the end of the summer! I wasn't fast but I did run the whole time.

I lost a total of 36 kilos (80 lbs) before coming to Germany for my wedding and almost immediately becoming pregnant with our first. I'm not exercising as much, but I am staying active and eating a healthy diet. I am still at my pre-baby weight, which is fine by my doc considering that I'm still packing extra.

I could lose another 36 kilos and be kickin', but my next big goal is to get under 200 lbs. Under 100 kilo will be nice, too, and I'll get there first (I'm a tiny bit under 109 right now,) but as an American the 200 lb marker is my natural goal. I will feel so great when that happens!